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Unitrends, a leader in enterprise-level data protection, offers the #1 all-in-one backup solution for virtual, physical and cloud. Building on over 20 years of industry firsts, Unitrends continues to lead the market.  Unitrends is used by IT professionals for backup of their virtual and physical servers and for performing disaster recovery to remote locations or to private or public cloud.  Unitrends not only continues to set the standard in virtual and physical server data protection, but its US-based support team boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate, further reinforcing its reputation for quality.

Unitrends All in 1Your old approach: You support a stitched-together web of hardware and software solutions.  When you lose data, your backup vendor blames your OS vendor who blames your server vendor.  Your backup windows run together.  You use tape.  Disaster strikes, and you lose days worth of data and require days to recover.

Your new approach:  One solution.  One management interface.  One line-item in your budget.  Backup and disaster protection for your data, your operating systems, your applications, and your hypervisors.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Features.

No Limits Licensing – Imagine ultimate backup freedom with Unitrends No Limits Licensing™ that boasts no per client fees, no per agent fees, no per operating system fees, no per application fees and no new release fees.

Protects 100+ Versions of Operating Systems and Applications – Unitrends uses a common D2D backup and recovery engine for providing protection for over 100 different versions of operating systems, hypervisors and applications.

Continuous Data Protection & Point-in-Time Protection – Improve your recovery point objectives with Incremental Forever.  Near-CDP with up to 10,000 snapshots per week means smaller backup windows and improved network bandwidth efficiency.

Adaptive Deduplication – Finally a deduplication that doesn’t require expensive dedicated hardware. Adaptive Deduplication™ is a hybrid data reduction technology combining inline compression with post-processing data deduplication that adapts dynamically to multiple factors.

Vault2Cloud – Vault2Cloud integrates your on-premise Unitrends appliance with our multi-tenancy cloud-based architecture.

Private Vaulting – Send your critical data to your private vault off-site as part of your comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Through our easy-to-use, intuitive interface, protecting your data has never been easier.

iseGrid (scalable) – Unitrends appliances are monitored and managed through a single, intuitive, pane of glass, web 2.0-based user interface. This enables you to buy only the appliance you need and yet grow the amount of space on your appliance as your business grows.

Web 2.0 User Interface – With an easy to use drag and drop interface managing backup, archiving and disaster recovery is all about one pane of glass.

Hot/Cold Bare Metal – By offering both cold and hot bare metal we offer you the flexibility to easily restore your entire system.

Dissimilar Bare Metal – With dissimilar bare metal, we allow administrators to quickly and easily recover entire server images to dissimilar physical or virtual hardware regardless of make, model or installed components.

AES-256 Encryption – Conventional encryption takes a heavy toll on the performance and ease-of-use of your information technology infrastructure. By offering a 256-bit AES encryption on the on-premise appliance, our encryption does not cause a burden on systems or people.

Backup Scheduling – We understand scheduling isn’t something managed day-to-day. We created a user-friendly interface so creating a new calendar, scheduling the different types of backups and adding a particular type of client to that schedule is as easy as riding a bike.

D2D2x – With disk-to-disk-to-any, we offer our customers the flexibility they need for their environment. The “x” in D2D2x can stand for: Cloud, Disk, Tape, NAS, SAN.

Disaster Recovery – Unitrends provides point-in-time data recovery and speedy restore of failed systems. But your data protection strategy requires a third component: off-site storage for your protected data and systems.

Instant Recovery with Failover Virtualization – With instant recovery for VMware and Windows you can completely recover your system in less than 5 minutes.

Virtualization – Unitrends provides one solution for all of your backup needs – virtual machines included. With Unitrends, your virtual infrastructure doesn’t require yet another management component.Unitrends Revolutionize Approach Banner


Bridging the Gap – Unitrends Backup Appliance Options

Backup Appliances For:

SMALL BUSINESS – recommended for businesses with backups less than 1.5 TB

MEDIUM BUSINESS – recommended for businesses with backups between 1.0 TB- 6.0 TB

ENTERPRISE-LEVEL – recommended for businesses with backups more than 6.0 TB


Unitrends Enterprise Backup™Unitrends Graphic

Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ protects by bridging virtual, physical, and cloud.

Unitrends has provided next-generation enterprise-class data protection to thousands of customers. Now with Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ we are offering a software-only solution available as a virtual appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere that goes beyond virtualization. No longer do you have to learn and manage two or more separate products to protect your virtual and physical infrastructure and extend that data protection to the cloud.