Solutions for Today’s Storage Problems!

Solutions ImageFinding the right storage solution partner can be difficult. Companies are faced with choosing from inexperienced product resellers, biased manufacturers or expensive consulting firms. There is a better way. TriAxis offers expert advice and innovative solutions that are designed to enhance existing investments instead of replacing them.

TriAxis Storage Solutions, Inc. delivers solutions and expert advice at a reasonable cost. We complement that with a carefully assembled product portfolio that is specifically designed to reduce complexity and drive down costs in mid-market infrastructures.

Our approach is to, whenever possible and practical, enhance existing No Forklift UpgradeIT investments rather than replace them. But, this approach isn’t for everybody. If you’re willing to accept the good with the not-so-good, then going to one manufacturer is a safe bet. However, if you are looking to optimize your infrastructure with innovative products and processes that can enhance what you have — making the sum of the parts greater than the whole — then contact us.

We can demonstrate leading technologies that will give you the edge while mitigating the risk of change. Our goal is to make you successful at what you do. We’ve been doing this for a dozen years and we’re good at it. It’s what we do.

The Right Technology for Today … and TomorrowFinding the Solution Image

TriAxis Storage Solutions, Inc. is a data storage solution provider focused on the design, deployment and support of intelligent data management through its entire lifecycle — both on-premise as well as “in the cloud”.

By utilizing key hardware and software solutions along with our experienced consulting resources, we are able to deliver enterprise data storage solutions that dramatically reduce storage management expenditures for your business, while improving overall service levels. Quite simply, we provide the highest Return on Investment (ROI) from every data storage dollar spent.

We provide simple, scalable, service level and policy driven enterprise data storage solutions for mid-tier organizations and Fortune 1000 data-driven departments. We have earned a reputation for exemplary client service, intelligent systems design, rapid implementation and leading industry knowledge. And we continue to do it at a price generally less than you would anticipate for the value of the solution offered.

Since we represent more than one manufacturer, and have experience with a variety of others, we can assess your organizational data storage needs and present the solution that best fits your needs. As an independent organization, we can choose which storage vendors’ products to carry, and which to avoid. And we’d be happy to tell you why. Our goal is to recommend the storage solution that makes best sense for our clients — even if it is not a product we carry. In this way, our contacts become clients, and they stay with us. And we’d be honored to call you a client!