Resolutions Based on 2011 Reflections

I would say that the biggest mistake we at TriAxis made last year was to not focus on marketing. In hindsight, it was the single biggest contributor to our slower-than-desired growth in 2011.

We thought about a lot of the reasons for a slow growth 2011, including:

  • not embracing a true “impact player” when it came to innovative storage technologies
  • too much time spent on TriAssist Services’ offerings instead of TriAxis on-prem solutions
  • not recognizing early enough the lack of impact out-bound telemarketing has had

We discovered the reasons (excuses?) go on and on. But we needed to nail it down. Essentially we were not communicating enough value to a wide enough audience. We were not enough “top of mind” in the marketplace. But why?

What we decided that it really was is not doing enough creative events with the right vendors that draw storage technologists’ attention. With so many companies, solutions and techniques vying for their attention, we needed a way to stand out, So, here is what we are doing, thus far:

  • actively working with three key vendors, ExaGrid, Nimble Storage and STORServer in Q1 and Q2 of 2012
  • between NYC and Boston, hosting luncheons at high-end restaurants where we will be discussing solutions that convey real value to the audience
  • something new — ExaGrid and TriAxis have planned an event at the Nickelback concert in Hartford to try to give back to the prospects and customers that have been working with us

We are hoping that these may keep us “above the noise”, as it were, and help our customers and prospects make the best decisions, not just the conventional ones. We’ll see how the first half of the year works out!

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Tom has spent his career successfully designing and applying technology and processes that identify, address, and ultimately exceed the goals and challenges of both business and technology professionals. His experience has led him to focus on using technologies to support the storage, management and protection of digital assets, including appropriate and continual access, both on-premises as well as "in the Cloud".

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