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Tom Mumford - CEO / CTO

Tom Mumford – CEO / CTO

A storage vendor we began working with earlier this year, Nimble Storage, is the one I wanted to chat about with you.

I was talking with the guys I work with at Nimble and I wanted to tell you a bit about what Nimble Storage brings to the table. And, before we go any further, they have many companies running hundreds of VMs and using them for their primary storage.

The reason TriAxis began evaluating Nimble earlier in the year and began presenting their solution to our customers, was because they are truly the next step in storage. Their use of SSD and SATA along with their Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout, or CASL, the proprietary system employs solid state drives to handle the random IO traffic common to applications for SQL Server and Exchange while leaving the SATA drives to do what they’re best at: sequential reads and writes. To keep the drives working in these roles, CASL sequences random data before writing it to the SATA drives, and pre-fetches random data before it’s read, laying it out in sequence for faster access. Real-time “garbage collection” performs a kind of on-the-fly disk defragmentation to maximize capacity. It provides automatic compression (typically 2:1) and the ability to expand a volume’s allocated space on-the-fly.

They are the fastest growing storage company in history and are led by many of the same people that I knew and that were the technologists behind Data Domain’s file system architecture. This includes their deduplicating file system and WAN-efficient replication.. CASL is the next leap forward.

Each year, Gartner identifies new vendors in key technology areas and publishes a series of research reports highlighting these innovative vendors and their products and services. Gartner researched Nimble Storagea number of companies, and selected only six they felt were instrumental for prospective companies to review their product. Nimble was chosen as one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies* for 2011.

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