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Calendar of EventsAs another way to communicate technologies and technically-oriented business cases, TriAxis works with industry experts and vendors to provide regional seminars and web-based learning presentations.

2014 continues our second decade dedicated to providing the best advice, insight and tools for on-premise and “in the Cloud” storage. We have selected a few vendors from whom real value and innovative approaches to storing, managing and protecting data have been developed. Some of the technologies you will be learning about include a unique way of laying out file systems to optimize use of SSD and to gain storage efficiencies, a complete enterprise data protection suite in a custom, mid-market appliance, a “pay as you grow” approach via a grid-like architecture and a turn-key, low-cost way to achieve fail-over without needing high-end virtualization products and their associated skill-sets.

If there is a topic you are interested in, but you are unable to make the event, contact us and we will either come onsite and discuss it with you and your team in person, or we will arrange a for a rerun of the event at your convenience. If there is a topic you don’t see it listed, let us know and we’ll advise if/when that topic will be discussed in either of the above formats. Conversely, if you would like to discuss a technology with us specifically, contact us and we will arrange it.

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My career’s focus has been on successfully designing and applying technology solutions and processes. The result has been the successful identification, resolution and transcendence of the goals and challenges both business and technology professionals face. My experience has led me to co-found and lead TriAxis and to primarily concentrate on supporting infrastructures as they relate to the storage, management and protection of digital assets. This includes appropriate and continual access for both on-premise as well as "in the Cloud" strategies. Rapid growth of SaaS companies is a strong area of interest with which I collaborate with both SaaS technologists and entrepreneurs, as well as VCs and other stakeholders.