Who We Are

Well into our second decade, TriAxis Storage Solutions, Inc. continues to provide intelligent data storage solutions for the mid-market.

Tom Mumford in OfficeTriAxis is unlike most companies that provide data storage products and services, The more you get to know us, the more you will see that. Where the difference is in what we deliver. For instance, since most of the solutions that we provide are easily installable, they reduce the overall cost of ownership and increase the immediacy of deployment. We work closely, not only with each vendors’ technical team, but also with key organizations that provide complementary services to those of our own. When the staff is from one of our partners, we let you know up front, well before a decision is made and/or an engagement is begun. And, we maintain complete and total responsibility for the success of the project. Of that, you can be sure! Take a look at a sample of clients that relied on us, our solutions and/or our expertise.

image-3Ultimately, the winner is the client as they receive the best set of hardware and software storage products that are either self-installable or installed by trained and certified staff that we provide. We will guarantee that you will be happy with the results — yes, guarantee. So, if you are looking for a fresh set of ideas on how to solve  issues related to the storing, managing or protection of your digital assets, give us a call, or drop us a note.

Our Focus

Our storage platforms are for on-premise and cloud-enabled environments, be they physical, virtual or both.
As cost per GB drops, more content is stored, creating a “perfect storm”. Our tools are simple and secure.
The protection and restoration of data, is also one of the most dynamically changing.

Our History

TriAxis was founded by four industry experts with a combined 100+ years of experience. In 2003, as clients demanded better storage infrastructures, we responded by becoming 100% storage-focused.

Today, TriAxis is serving customers from Maine to New Jersey with concentrated efforts in Boston, Hartford and New York. We deliver solutions and expert advice at a reasonable cost. This is complemented with a carefully assembled product portfolio that is specifically designed to reduce complexity and drive costs out of mid-market environments. The approach is to enhance existing IT investments rather than replace them.

Giving Back

TriAxis has been involved, both at a corporate level, as well as on an individual basis, in charitable giving and community service.

We are open to assisting others, but cannot take on all that we are asked. However, if you have, or belong to, an organization that needs help, please contact Tom Mumford. Two events we are currently corporately sponsoring can be found on our Events Page.

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